Susan Reedy

My work investigates themes of time and memory using ephemeral materials in combination with acrylic paint and various drawing media. The work is created with vintage papers that have been discarded and are often found only partially intact such as sheet music, dictionaries, prayer books, and newspapers. I am particularly drawn to source material that is becoming obsolete as we move from analog to digital technology and those that contain fragmented remains of text and pictorial graphics.

The work is inspired by the inherent beauty of these vintage papers and by the surface quality sometimes seen on older outdoor facades that are in a state of flux due to the ravages of time, the elements, and neglect. In the work, the text and imagery of the source material becomes altered during the working process so that new and unexpected combinations of form and context emerge. The artwork reflects the poetic beauty of the imperfect state of the source material and utilizes its’ inherent sensuous nature.